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Distress Aid Medical Alarms – Medical Alarms in Peterborough

Automatic Fall Detection Now Available

24 Hour Peace of Mind

For you and your loved ones’ "Peace of Mind" consider investing in Distress Aid Medical Alarms. Distress Aid Medical Alarms offers medical alarms with 24 hour monitoring services for people living in Peterborough and surrounding areas. No large equipment is required. All our systems consist of small consoles and wristwatch-style or pendant-style buttons. Installation and setup is completely free and will be completed by our highly trained installers so that your Personal Alarm will be operational the day we deliver it.

Fully Equipped & Up-to-Date

Our Alarm Monitoring Centre is ULC (Underwriters Laboratories of Canada) approved and is fully equipped with the most up-to-date equipment including backup battery and generator power to ensure that our customers are never without the support services that they require.

Benefits of Distress Aid Medical Alarms

Our families and children are always worried about the family member that lives alone. What would happen if they had a fall or medical issue, and could not call for help for themselves? Would they lie there in pain, for how long? We have heard many stories of the person that fell and broke a hip and lay there, alone for hours or even days before someone realized something may be wrong.

With Distress Aid Medical Alarms, you have "Peace of Mind" knowing you will receive help right away and that a family member would be notified of the situation.

Distress Aid Medical Alarms is locally owned and operated Canadian company in Peterborough. Order your Personal Alarm system from Distress Aid Medical Alarms today.

Systems for: Senior citizens, handicapped persons, people at home alone, people at work alone, people with medical concerns

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