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Distress alarm

Distress Aid Medical Alarms,Your At-Home System

If you require assistance, press your Emergency Button that you wear. We will have provided you with one hanging from your neck or one on your wrist. You can also press the large Emergency Button located on the Main Alarm Console.

Advanced Fall Detection Technology

With our optional Fall Detector, we will be notified even if you are unable to press a button.

Immediate Response

An immediate alarm signal will be transmitted to our 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring Centre. Our system uses your telephone line to transmit this signal. Please note, you must have a conventional “Landline Phone” for this system to work.

Our highly trained Monitoring Centre Staff will access your file and send help right away.

We will quickly contact an ambulance, a close neighbor, friend or relative as per your pre-arranged instructions. Every client‘s situation is different, so a plan will be discussed with you when your system is set up by our professional installer. All questions will be addressed.

Who Needs a Distress Aid Medical Alarms?

Distress Aid Medical Alarms provides systems for senior citizens, handicapped persons, people living alone, people with medical concerns, and anyone that may require immediate assistance for any unexpected accidents or medical issues that may happen someday.

Simply Press a button & help is on the way
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